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Machine Learning Research Groups & Labs

University of Toronto – Machine Learning Group (Geoffrey Hinton, Rich Zemel, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Brendan Frey, Radford Neal)

Université de Montréal – MILA Lab (Yoshua Bengio, Pascal Vincent, Aaron Courville, Roland Memisevic)

New York University – Yann Lecun, Rob Fergus, David Sontag and Kyunghyun Cho

Stanford University – Andrew Ng, Christopher Manning‘s, Fei-fei Li‘s group

University of Oxford – Deep learning group, Nando de Freitas and Phil Blunsom, Andrew Zisserman

Google Research – Jeff Dean, Geoffrey Hinton, Samy Bengio, Ilya Sutskever, Ian Goodfellow, Oriol Vinyals, Dumitru Erhan, Quoc Le et al

Google DeepMind – Alex Graves, Karol Gregor, Koray Kavukcuoglu, Andriy Mnih, Guillaume Desjardins, Xavier Glorot, Razvan Pascanu, Volodymyr Mnih et al

Facebook AI Research(FAIR) – Yann Lecun, Rob Fergus, Jason Weston, Antoine Bordes, Soumit Chintala, Leon Bouttou, Ronan Collobert, Yann Dauphin et al.

Twitter’s Deep Learning Group – Hugo Larochelle, Ryan Adams, Clement Farabet et al

Microsoft Research – Li Deng et al

SUPSI – IDSIA (Jurgen Schmidhuber‘s group)

UC Berkeley – Bruno Olshausen‘s group, Trevor Darrell‘s group, Pieter Abbeel

UCLA – Alan Yuille

University of Washington – Pedro Domingos‘ group

IDIAP Research Institute – Ronan Collobert‘s group

University of California Merced – Miguel A. Carreira-Perpinan‘s group

University of Helsinki – Aapo Hyvärinen‘s Neuroinformatics group

Université de Sherbrooke – Hugo Larochelle‘s group

University of Guelph – Graham Taylor‘s group

University of Michigan – Honglak Lee‘s group

Technical University of Berlin – Klaus-Robert Muller‘s group

Baidu – Kai Yu‘s and Andrew Ng’s group

Aalto University – Juha Karhunen and Tapani Raiko group

U. Amsterdam – Max Welling‘s group

CMU – Chris Dyer

U. California Irvine – Pierre Baldi‘s group

Ghent University – Benjamin Shrauwen‘s group

University of Tennessee – Itamar Arel‘s group

IBM Research – Brian Kingsbury et al

University of Bonn – Sven Behnke’s group

Gatsby Unit @ University College London – Maneesh Sahani, Peter Dayan

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab @ University of Colorado Boulder

DBsystem group @ National University of Singapore

Chris Nicholson

Chris Nicholson is the CEO of Pathmind. He previously led communications and recruiting at the Sequoia-backed robo-advisor, FutureAdvisor, which was acquired by BlackRock. In a prior life, Chris spent a decade reporting on tech and finance for The New York Times, Businessweek and Bloomberg, among others.


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